Roof Replacement Program

In an effort to stop solar companies from installing panels on deficient roofs there is a minimum 10 year service warranty required in order to qualify for solar. Due to this implementation the FREE roof replacement program was created in order to help homeowners feel comfortable with their solar installation without worry of leaks effecting their roof integrity. This program installs a GAF roof with a 50 year warranty that won't be voided by panel installation and will provide the benefit of max life expectancy of the panel system.

go solar with a new roof

Roof Replacement

Fill out our Solar with Roof Replacement form to see if you qualify for a FULL roof replacement at little to NO COST! Many homeowners think they're ineligible for solar but most don't realize there are programs that help pay for most if not ALL of the cost for a full roof replacement when going solar. Roof replacement depends on the size of the roof, the direction of the roof planes, and how much power the property consumes. We'll analyze these factors to see if you pre-qualify.

Replace Your Roof