How We Can Help

SRE is a centralized data analytics team developed to help homeowners make the best decision on solar and roofing options without getting pulled into a lengthy, biased sales pitch. SRE recommends local state certified installers who are working around the clock to create a preliminary solar design maximizing state and federal benefits in order to help save money on expensive energy bills.

Renewable energy through solar panels

Design & Installation

SRE works directly with state certified installers through out the U.S. to provide a seamless experience when going solar. Of course we also offer roof replacement in your search. Rest assure the SRE team is strictly a data analytics team providing the best recommended solar and roofing options with a reputable installer.

Families going green with solar panels

Savings for Family

What more can you provide for your family than energy independence? What better ways are there to save an average of $73,267 over the next 30-35 years? We'll help you find the maximum solar incentives as well as an installer who can help get you the savings you deserve.

Go solar to save a lot of money

Cash Flow Measurement

Our robust analytics system is designed to provide accurate details regarding your savings, costs, and roof requirements for solar installations. Let the SRE team give you the accurate numbers without a sales pitch.