Solar Upgrades

Need a new roof? Worried about wildlife making a home under your solar panels? Have a few trees preventing optimal sun exposure to your roof? Want to have power even when your neighbors lose electricity? We can assist with upgrades for all your concerns.

go solar with a new roof

Roof Replacement

Fill out our Solar with Roof Replacement form to see if you qualify for a FULL roof replacement at little to NO COST! Many homeowners think they're ineligible for solar but most don't realize there are programs that help pay for most if not ALL of the cost for a full roof replacement when going solar. Roof replacement depends on the size of the roof, the direction of the roof planes, and how much power the property consumes. We'll analyze these factors to see if you pre-qualify.

Replace Your Roof

Tree Removal

Homeowners with trees blocking the sun from their roof can usually get away with just trimming back a few branches before having a solar panel system installed. However, some people may have to accept that solar is not feasible for their property unless they remove trees. Either way, we can help get your house the optimal sunlight for your solar panels.

tree removal for solar panels

critter guard solar panels

Critter Guard

No need to worry about squirrels, birds, and other fauna nesting under your solar panels with critter guard! Let’s keep the local wildlife in your yard and not chewing on your new solar panel wiring. Critter guard will create a barrier around the entire solar panel system keeping those darn vermin out and providing your investment with the protection it deserves.

Backup Battery

Give yourself peace of mind with a solar panel backup battery that keeps the power on even when the rest of your neighborhood is in the dark! Your battery backup system will be charged using solar power so that you have a regular supply of solar energy from your solar batteries. Your home will pull electricity from your backup battery whenever your solar panels aren't producing electricity such as at night. Not all states allow backup batteries, however.

backup battery for solar panels